Selfie Daredevil Pioneers

The selfie culture has given birth to a new band of extreme adventurers – the selfie daredevil! You can see their vertigo inducing, stomach churning selfies on every photo orientated social media platform on the internet. The craze is spreading like wild fire in the selfie community, and the antics of these selfie daredevil pioneers are becoming more and more daring as they try to outdo each other to get that image that is more outrageous than the next guy!

These daredevils are part of a group who call themselves Skywalkers. They are young people predominantly from Russia and the Ukraine, who are constantly pushing themselves to the limit in search of dangerous thrills – taking the selfie to the extreme!

Selfie DaredevilAlexander Remnev is one of these extreme selfie daredevils, and lists among his achievements the feat of having climbed the world’s tallest residential building (a bone chilling 1,350ft high) before getting his camera out to take selfies that invoke nausea in most other normal people!

He has travelled to various countries around the world and scaled their tallest buildings to snap their gravity defying selfies. In his own words, alexander says : “In Dubai, there are a lot of open roofs. It was not difficult to climb up to them.”


Alexander Remnev, so far, has travelled to Hong Kong, Paris, Barcelona and Dubai in his search for skyscrapers to climb. He says that they began by scaling every tall Russian structure he could find, including Moscow Bridge in Kiev, before looking abroard for more challenges to conquor – and these guys do all this without harnesses, ropes, or safety gear!

According to Alexander, a photographer and Moscow State University IT student, he and his friends began this adventure as an escape from ordinary life and boredom. Nothing seems to hold these young people back – they use stairs or the elevator as far as they can go, then they look for ways to get on the roof, by breaking locks, bypassing obstacles and finding a way to outsmart alarm systems.


As you can imagine, these pursuits are not without some significant risks. There have been a number of fatalities among young people trying to emulate these daredevils, one of them being a 17 year old Russian boy who fell to his death after losing his grip while taking a selfie on the ledge of a high rise apartment building.

The risks are not all of life and limb though. These adventurers also have the possibility of being caught by the long arm of the law, as most of their escapades are illegal. They stand a good chance of spending time in jail if caught.

Selfie Daredevil

These images are, no doubt, awe inspiring and have the glamour appeal, but caution needs to be the watchword here!

By all means, continue taking your selfies, but weigh up the risks before pursuing the risky shots that these young people undertake. After all, you only have one life – don’t risk it for a selfie!

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