Safety Precautions to Consider when taking Extreme Selfie Photographs.

Selfies …. Everyone from Queen Elizabeth to Kim Kardashian are doing it. There is however a dark side to this growing pastime. The craze has inspired more and more extreme risk taking and offensive public behaviour.

Snake Selfie

In 2015 there were reports of a woman who accidentally shot herself in the head while posing for a selfie with a firearm, and two guys who were killed after pulling the pin on a grenade for a selfie. Yellowstone National Park officials have started issuing warnings after several selfie takers were gored while standing too close to bison.

A man from San Diego was hospitalised after trying to take a selfie with a rattlesnake.

The governments of several countries and certain regulatory bodies have now begun treating the selfie as a serious threat to public safety and have begun passing regulations and restrictions on taking selfies at certain locations and in certain circumstances and posting warning signs and posters with tag lines such as “A cool selfie could cost you your life”.

Not only are selfie takers taking more risks, but there seems to be a trend to take selfies with a total disregard for sensitive or fragile locations or artefacts and tourist locations …. and in some cases even for public decency, where people are taking nude selfies in public.

Wave Selfie

The risks people are taking to try and out-selfie the next guy are becoming more and more dangerous. If you are going to pursue extreme selfies, get the appropriate training and take the appropriate safety precautions.

Here are some things you may consider:

  • Don’t try and take a picture dangling from a building, cliff, bridge or tower unless you are an expert (trained) climber.
  • Don’t get too close to wild animals when taking selfies – they are unpredictable and could attack if startled … or they may just not want to have their picture taken with you!
  • Take into account the sensitivity of the object or location you are photographing in your selfie and don’t ruin it for others or for future generations.
  • Consider those around you before you disrobe for a selfie – and would it really look that much worse if you took the picture with your clothes on?
  • Don’t take selfies while driving – same goes for texting while driving.
  • Be careful of taking selfies at work – some employers frown on this practice and you could find yourself unemployed!
  • Watch out for extreme weather while taking selfies – wind, lightning, rogue waves, etc.
    In conclusion, it is not worth losing your life or suffering serious injury as a result of taking unnecessary risks to get that awesome selfie. The picture will get to live on, but you may not …. So be sensible and don’t become tomorrow’s headline news for the wrong reasons.

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