How to Take Effective Selfie Photographs

Know your good side …… and more importantly, your bad side!

Lets face it ….. we all have pictures of ourselves that we hate! The advantage with taking selfies is that the angle is in your control. Here are few tips to help you take better pictures of yourself.

  • To make your face look slimmer, take the picture from a slightly elevated angle – so you are looking up into the camera.
  • If it is a head and shoulders shot, turn your shoulder slightly towards the camera.
  • Extend your neck slightly, pushing your chin out ever so slightly – this will help eliminate the bulge under your chin.

Using Light CorrectlyUsing light correctly selfie

The light from a flash is usually harsh and makes the image look stark. As far as possible, use natural light. If you have the option of filters, you can use them to soften the light in the image, even if a flash is used.
Stand next to a window. This will give your selfie a soft, natural look and go a long way to eliminate dark shadows and gives you a more natural glow.

Be mindful of your surroundings

When taking your selfie, remember that your camera will often capture things in the background that may ruin the image, like a sink full of dirty dishes in the kitchen, or your dirty laundry on the floor in those bathroom mirror selfies – and those are some of the least embarrassing examples.

Safety is an aspect you always need to bear in mind. Never take a selfie in a dangerous location where the distraction of taking a picture of yourself may lead to injury …. Or worse.

Be different

colourful face selfieToo many selfies are dull and boring headshots of the selfie taker just standing, sitting or lying down. Before you click the button on that selfie think about every other selfies that you’ve seen and make a conscious decision to be different and creative. That is what makes selfie images that more interesting. The traditional head shot selfie has it’s place, but it is not going to stand out unless you make it more interesting. Try some creative ideas like putting on some funky makeup or painting flowers on your face, or wear a funny hat. Do something that will make your selfie stand out from the mediocre.

To pose or not to pose …. The infamous duck face!

Posing and using different facial expressions in your selfies is great! Just be aware of what is going on in the selfie world of what’s hip and what’s not.

The infamous duck face pout has been done to death and has become a selfie cliché. To use the duck face pout now in a selfie is to be seen as out of fashion and behind the times in selfie circles. The sultry look is great if the mood of your selfie is sexy or exotic, but not if you are standing in your kitchen.

Experiment with poses, not only of with facial expressions, but with your body position as well, all the time bearing in mind the first point of finding your good side.

Here are a few ideas to spice up your selfie poses

  • Show your feet instead of your face.selfie face pose
  • Crop in tight to only show your eyes.
  • Show half of your face on the edge of the image instead of taking up the whole screen.
  • Accesorize – put on sunglasses or a hat
  • Use a selfie stick so that you can get a better angle.
  • Make your smile genuine – there is nothing worse than a fake smile.
  • Include someone else in your selfie – your bestie, your pet, or your significant other

In conclusion, the selfie culture is here to stay, and hopefully with some of these tips and your own creativity and imagination, you can make your selfies stand out from the crowd! So don’t waste any more time – pick up that phone and start snapping selfies!

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