Essential Camera Accessories Needed to take Great Selfie Photographs

Are you a selfie addict? Even if you are not a selfie addict, all of us have at some point taken a self-portrait photo (ie a selfie).

In this article I will take you through some essential equipment to, firstly take your selfie photo and secondly, accessories to make it easier to take your selfie, or improve the final outcome.


Go Pro Selfie

The first item you need is a device to take your selfie … duh!

Although you may think this is a dumb statement, let me expand on the hardware options you have to take that adorable duck-face selfie!

The first item is probably the most common device used to take a selfie – the smart phone.

If you are an avid selfie taker and you are looking to upgrade your phone, here are a few features you may want to make sure that your new phone has so that you can continue taking those awesome selfie shots.

  • Make sure your phone has both a front facing and rear facing camera.
  • In some model phones, the front facing camera (the one you use for selfies) is not as high quality as the rear facing camera. If you want to make sure those shots are crisp and clear, choose a phone where the front facing camera is at least 5 mega pixels.

There are other devices which could be used just as easily to take a selfie. One that is on the rise in popularity is the Go-Pro camera. This device would be the better choice is you will be taking extreme outdoor or action selfies which may require a device that is more robust than a smartphone.

Another less common device to take your selfie is the good old DSLR camera. These are great for taking mirror selfies, where you can frame the shot correctly. A good feature to have on a DSLR camera for selfies is a flip out and swivel LCD display.

Selfie Stick

The selfie stick is the most common accessory for the smartphone for taking selfie photographs. There are many varieties available, ranging from cheap and nasty to way over-priced.

What you need to look for in a selfie stick is robust, quality construction and the preferred connection method to your device – either cable or Bluetooth. Some of the selfie sticks have a button on the handle to snap the photo, while others come with a Bluetooth remote, such as this great selfie stick from X-Shot.

XShot Deluxe Selfie Kit
Selfie Sticks from Xshot

Another aspect to the selfie stick that you may want to bear in mind is portability – something that you can fit in your pocket, but still extends to a good length when you need to take that spur of the moment selfie. In this case you would want to look for a “telescopic” type selfie stick like the one below from X-Shot.

Pocket XShot Slider

Stabilise Your Shot With a Mini Tripod

Mini-tripods are great because they are a compact, take-anywhere item. They provide stability for blur free images and are generally pretty affordable. When using a tripod for a selfie, you may need a Bluetooth remote to take the picture, or use your phone’s build in photo timer option, or on some phones, you can program the phone to take a picture when you give it a pre-defined gesture.
XShot Mini-TripodCamera Accessories from Xshot

With some tripods like the one above, you will also need an adaptor for your smartphone.

Mini Tripod for phones

Get Creative With Add-on Lenses


If you want to add some flair or creativity to your selfies you will want to get yourself an add-on lens for your smartphone.

Snap a selfie or capture your world in Fisheye, Wide-Angle or Macro with this nifty add-on lens from OlloClip which has the following features:


  • Three versatile lens options included: Fisheye, Wide-Angle & Macro
  • Lightweight, compact design works on both front and rear-facing cameras
  • Switch between lenses in seconds with no extra parts needed
  • Share it and wear it with 3 colourful pendants
  • Works with all your favourite photo and video apps
Without fisheye lens

Without fisheye lens

With fisheye lens

With fisheye lens

The number of gadgets and accessories to enhance your selfie photography is growing daily.
There is no longer any excuse why your selfies have to look dull and boring …. So get out there and take some awesome selfies!

Get your creative selfies noticed by downloading the Selfielicious App from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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